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Your Internet Business Can Be Like a School

People might be very surprised if they found out how much is really available online. For example community colleges have free or very inexpensive courses that can be done completely online. Even various certificates of achievement can be earned in this way.

get it!
So at that price you can take something you are curious about or interested in that really hasn’t got much of a chance of helping your career. Just for fun. Along the way you may change your mind and it could possibly turn into something that would be a career.

Naturally it makes the most sense to find something that might even help you get a promotion or to elevate your skill level so you would qualify for a better job – or even to enhance your technical skills so that you may take more control of your home business. For example it would be so helpful if you had more of a handle on basic HTML so that you were not dependent on programmers whenever you want to make a small change to your website.

There are multiple free courses in HTML and other technical languages on the Internet right now. This could also be anything that would help your business like bookkeeping, or using a proprietary software that performs some task that you need to work from home. These courses, while maybe not formal (having certification) can be started the same day they are discovered, a manual printed out for reference and then just go!

It is amazing how the search engines have vast amounts of free information on the fly – a breathing index of facts for everyone who seeks and has access to; and then to realize you can really drill down from there to find really extensive instructions if you want to pursue something to more of an extent. There is nowhere in the world where there are more possibilities to learn than the Internet.

It would be a shame to waste it especially because even the business you are trying to develop can itself teach you so much about business procedures, using software, etc. Even though ‘code’ and etc. may seem complex and ‘above’ your head, it really isn’t. If you look at it you will definitely see patterns that can be recognizable to you in the future and not at all ‘rocket science’ or something unachievable except to geniuses.


Do You Want to Work From Home?

It sounds glorious and it really is. To be able to avoid those unpleasant parts of your day like getting up to a blaring alarm clock, getting ready for work on the fly, flying out the door to be stuck in traffic. The list goes on!


You may imagine you wouldn’t know what to do to earn an income from home. However if you have been thinking about this for a while you may have grown a thinking cap and have lots of ideas as to what you might do. It may start out very small, part-time and grow into something really substantial eventually.

The key is to get started. Make some lists about what you would enjoy, maybe based around a hobby or interest that you always wanted to spend more time doing. Let’s use an example like golf. You could start real small with setting up a blog.

Start writing about things that are happening – news about (famous) golfers, schedules of golf tournaments happening in the near future. Build a following of readers by being very helpful with driving directions, maps. etc.

Then you can start to monetize your blog by adding some ads for various golf related equipment. Find out where to get discounts for clubs, bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Create some simple order forms and build a profit into the cost. Use your digital camera to build images. Or simplest yet use a site like e-Bay to do your transactions.

Figure out shipping materials. Or you may also wish to do this as a ‘drop-ship’ endeavor (as with e-Bay) where you merely process the orders and then notify the company to ship something to a certain address. This would work easiest if they were an ‘affiliate program’ and had your profit already built into their structure.

So you just start out by having a little fun online – not to call it in your ‘spare’ time because it really can be productive time used wisely to build a real business. You can do this same plan with any number of hobbies or interests. If you are serious and engaged at least a few hours a week someday you can get all your ducks in a row and have a source of income from your home.

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