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Designing a Business Opportunity Website

There are some important points one should consider when designing a business opportunity website. The main idea is to attract search engines so that they will send traffic that is targeted. Of course it is also relevant that we attract and welcome prospective customers that will visit the site.

Look right!

When it comes to search engines, it is actually best to focus in one niche. This is because you want to make it easy for them to index your site. That index is all-important to any business because this is where searchers will find the links they are inquiring about.

Having a good list of keywords that you use in your content and advertising is one way to define your focus. The best kind of traffic is targeted as it focuses on what you have to offer. So one of the first things you should do when designing your website is to do some keyword research. This is a very important step for all of your advertising, is not difficult and should not be overlooked.

To do this you would take the obvious words that you know of in relation to your business, such as ‘business opportunity’, ‘home business’, ‘affiliate program’ and etc., to start with. There are various keyword research tools that you can use online and you can see how to build more keywords from these root words to build your list of keywords.

For example phrases like ‘best online business opportunity’, ‘online home business ideas’, ‘money-making affiliate programs’ use those root keywords and start to give you a variety of ways to use them in your content and advertising. With a little imagination you can see there are many ways you can use those root words in different ways so your content doesn’t sound boring or spammy.

With the keyword tools some will show you many more ways those root words are used and how many sites are using them. You can start to focus on using the root words in a way that fewer of your competitors are using them so there is less competition. For example you see that 1000 websites use ‘home business ideas’ but only 500 use ‘ideas for a home business’.

If you have had the insight to build your website to include a blog or at least if you have a blog that is linked to your website, this makes it much easier to constantly be submitting ‘fresh content’ to your website. It is much easier to add a blog post every day than to try to keep redesigning a static HTML website just so your site has something ‘different’ that the search engines will re-index. With a blog of course you can much more easily add meta tags (keywords), on the fly for each one of your posts rather than the old-school.

So if you have followed to this point you have a strong foundation for your business opportunity website. Now you just need to focus a little on the welcoming part for human traffic. You want the site to be easy to navigate with organized menus and site maps so that they can find exactly what they are looking for – ideally in multiple ways.


Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

Basic Internet marketing strategy should always revolve around providing valuable content. As they say, “Content is King”. Things change in search engine land quite regularly. However this concept is the one thing that has remained consistent over the years. If you want the search engines to help your business by sending traffic, then you should always have good, fresh content on your site.

content is king!

As you progress in your abilities, you may want to also consider building back links to your website by posting content on other sites and including a hyperlink reference to your website URL. People can either click it to go there, or the search engines will just add it to their index. Either way it could help you get targeted traffic and sales.

There are many techniques included in what would be called Internet marketing strategy. Always remember, though that it the search engines that run the Internet and as such you want to stay on their best side, particularly if you want free, organic traffic. Even if you have the money for PPC (pay per click) advertising, it is still about the presence of keywords relevant to your business in the content of your ads. This may provide an opportunity to attract traffic that is targeted to your business.

By any means however, creating and publishing ads is not all there is to creating valuable content. You will also want to make good use of blogging and article marketing. You want to be considered an expert in your field by the fact that you are willing to share valuable information that is of interest to others. You will ideally create discreet advertising in that context. Hopefully, you will draw people to you and then to build trust. As time goes on, you will compel them to take action on your recommendations.

Research is very important in your Internet marketing strategy. You should analyze your business and website to determine the best keywords to use in all your content. The way to build a good collection of keyword and phrases, is to find phrases that match frequently searched expressions. Over time you should be able to amass a good collection of keywords you can use to build your content. They can actually help you to create ideas for your ads, articles or blogs. There are many free tools online that can help you in this regard.

It is very important to remain consistent in doing all you can to promote your business over time. You should be doing regular marketing tasks each day and continue to build momentum. Don’t stop. It is just a big waste of time if you ever sit back and wait for results of some campaign you did. Keep working and pushing forward. That way if the results are not all you dreamed they would be, you will have your momentum still moving forward and you don’t need to look back.

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