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Home Biz Issues – Being Consistent

Sometimes we have been careless or lax with the way we conduct our relationships with our members and peers. When we start getting negative feedback, or we notice that it is starting to get pervasive, we decide to ‘turn over a new leaf’.

keep it up

We resign ourselves to the fact that we need to do better at delivering our services. You know, when we realize we need to treat people with respect and courtesy if we want to keep them on our team. Well, apologies go a long way as do any refunds or other adjustments we may have to make to atone for our bad business behavior.

However if we are really going to make any lasting improvements we are going to need to be consistent. That means getting it together and keeping it together. It shouldn’t be next month when the same mistakes happen and the same things ‘fall through the cracks’.

It is not the job of the customer to be constantly reminding us of what we are supposed to know to do – It’s like ‘clockwork’. So just making incremental improvements that keep falling apart is really not going to work either. Again it is not the customer’s responsibility to remind us of what we should know we always have to keep straight.

It can be likened to always being late with financial responsibilities or always being late or absent when we make appointments. The hilt of this insult is when we don’t even bother to apologize. It just doesn’t get much more insulting than that.

You can bet your bottom dollar (and it just may be that one) that you will start to see an exodus of your customers who do not have time to run your business for you. So what you need is to clean up your act and be consistent about staying that way.


Working at Home- Always Expect the Unexpected

Always try to be ahead of the game. You never know what may happen to change your plans whether they may be daily or more of a permanent nature. If at all possible get things done ahead of time that you know are critical.

see ahead!

If you see things with foresight then you are not knocked off balance when something unexpected happens, and you are much more capable of just keep on keeping on! Hardly a wrinkle! This extends not only to your business operations and finances but even to your health.

For example if you know you are going to have a procedure of some kind in the near future, it would be a good thing to get as many things done before-hand as you can. You have no idea how you are going to feel or even if you will be able to tolerate working for a short (or even extended) period of time after your ordeal.

Things happen! Make sure you can check on your technical aspects, machines, etc. during this time of preparation ‘just in case’. There is a commercial on TV now where it is a perfect example of what can go wrong with ‘Murphy’. This guy has this whole themed birthday party ready for his daughter. Everything is all pink and cute. He is prepared and has done a great job decorating his yard for the upcoming celebration. The guy is together.

… But who knew he would end up with septic tank problems costing $13,000??? … and being repaired, you guessed it right on the day of the party! Double Ouch! OK so there was nothing he could have done ahead of time to prepare unless he knew about whatever that product is they are selling to clean your septic tank. Very cheap, very easy solution had he known. Poor guy knows now though.

Things can also happen like unexpected guests arrive and require a lot of your time to prepare and entertain them. This is an enjoyable wrinkle maybe but not so the things on your mind that you know you should be doing to run your business.

Issues directly related to your business may also arise and you would really want to be prepared especially if financial or regulatory. So that is a good reason to keep some cash in reserve somewhere ’just in case’.

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