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Build a Biz – Be Multi-Engaged

Sometimes it takes a silly image to convey a thought when there may be no word coming to mind. Here we have a robotic being where he has multiple arms and feet. He doesn’t merely walk the walk – he is actually doing something useful with every movement. He is purposeful at all times. His game is always progress and to transcend.

To try to demonstrate how someone can become like one of these powerful beings, this might include that while doing regular account monitoring – checking your commissions and prospects in your affiliate programs, making sure you website is up and running, etc., you also take some time to see if there are any new advertising and marketing services that you might add to your arsenal.

You may also at times see if there are any new opportunities you might add to your portfolio with the possibility of earning more money. While the most important thing on your agenda has to be what you are already doing, you should also keep in mind you could be doing more. This includes even joining free programs that hold some attraction in what they may provide free. Take some time to look them over and of course see what you can do to progress either at the free or upgraded level if the program looks promising.

Multiple streams of income is a brilliant concept. Let’s compare – your salary from your day job. It is always the same; unless of course you are in a position where you may also earn from over-time income projects. These are great but not guaranteed or something you depend on in your monthly budget. (unless you are feeling very, very tired and getting used to working more than 40-hour weeks).

When you have your own home business online, there are no limits other than what you can perceive and support with your actions. Very few if any programs will do anything for you unless you work at it. Learn it, find out what to do, do it, and then keep it up consistently until you see results.

Don’t stop at results! This is just some encouragement to show you that it does happen! Keep up the good work and do more of what you are doing and always try to find more things you can do – whether it is for the programs you are excelling with or ones that haven’t really shown their true colors yet!


Multiple Streams of Income

This is really a simple concept that has been used as long as there has been business. Why do you suppose when someone opens up a retail store they have lots of different options? So that there is a greater chance that everyone will find something they want or need — to multiply the chances of making a sale.


There are other reasons why the concept of multiple streams of income is brilliant for any business. For example, the one most often quoted by Internet affiliate marketers, is the idea that if one thing is not doing well, something else may be doing great. Hence the bottom line will not suffer.

If you have a portfolio of programs that you promote for referrals and sales, you can use any one of them as a ‘funnel ‘program. That means that you may have attracted a particular customer to one individual opportunity and now may use that ‘inroad’ to approach them about another one of the programs you are promoting.

Many times particularly if you join a free or very low cost program, the commissions until you upgrade will be paltry. With multiple streams of income you would look at them as an aggregate. That is adding together all of the small sums from your various opportunities you will come up with a nice amount of money after a while.

This is also an incentive to work very hard to keep your sales volume up so that you add together all the small sums; whereas looking forward to a $1 commission would be a little difficult to get excited enough about to continually keep yourself motivated.

Multiple streams of income is a very productive concept because again, you have a greater chance of attracting more people than if you have only one narrow niche or market to offer people. There will be those who may have some objection to some program because they have heard something negative, or because they do not like a product. No need in losing their business completely if you have something that they can like.

It is important to note here that having one website or business ‘umbrella’ that has all of your multiple streams of income included, is the only logical way to handle this. If you try to look at each program individually and feel you must promote them separately, it would be very cumbersome. You would be duplicating your efforts over and over again for each business.

If you look at it like one business with multiple streams of income, then you can do everything to advertise only once. Make sure your site is well-organized, with menus and sitemaps so that people do not become confused when trying to find the program that they are after.

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