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Start a Home Biz and Have Fun Making Money

You can have serious fun making money on different levels. There is the fun that comes from doing something gratifying and maybe learning something new. Then there is the real fun that comes when you actually start earning money. Very encouraging to bank your first check and this will help to keep you motivated, knowing it really is possible. Then of course is the fun of spending the money on something you really want or need.

money is fun

It does however even with all of this hilarious fun require a certain mindset to be able to work in your ‘spare time’ consistently. If you don’t look at it like more ‘work’ but instead a new hobby (the making money hobby), it won’t get to be drudgery. The mere fact that you are working from home in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (at least compared to a job) will go a long way to help it seem enjoyable and something you look forward to.

It is very possible once you have done your initial implementation and have everything running, to relax and look at it passively. With an online business things do run automatically once you get them all set up. You do not need to be on your website to make a sale or be at the beck and call of everybody who might email you (although it is a nice touch if you respond to your prospects and customers within a reasonable amount of time).

So with everything running and having all your bases covered, you can slack off a little, spend some time with your family, get some fresh air and exercise – you know – live. Don’t get the mistaken idea that having your own home business is like a job at all. You are responsible to yourself. By extension then you are responsible to your customers. This is on your terms and hopefully you will value it all enough to be professional.

As long as you look at your business as a priority and are sure everything is covered, then you are free to do whatever else you want. You don’t have to wait for ‘lunch hour’ or ‘break time’ – You can work your own hours and take a day off here and there whenever you feel like it. So this is another sense where this can really be fun!


Make Your Hobby Making Money with a Home Biz

Everybody wants to make money – enough money, more money, extra money, money-money-money! How different would the economy look if people stopped wasting their time with slacking off and having hobbies that either cost money or don’t do anything for your bottom line. What if they spent more time making money?

have fun making money

It is actually fun having a business at home. If we are still working at a day job, commuting, and all the energy ripoffs that go with that, we do need some time to rest when we get home. It just doesn’t have to be longer than an hour. So that leaves hours where you have time to do something productive for yourself.

If you look at your home business as a hobby – it doesn’t mean you don’t need to take it seriously. Surely once you start seeing a little money being generated you will get serious to see that it continues and increases! With your own home business aka money making hobby, you are free to say ‘I don’t feel like it tonight’. That is part of the beauty of you being in charge.

However if you are really serious you will at least sacrifice some time and effort to get it set up and running so that it can generate what is called ‘passive’ income. Passive income does not mean you do not engage. It still needs to be set up and all the bases covered. The idea is that with ‘passive’ or online income, you don’t have to be there 24/7 – and you can even skip a day – unlike a job or a store.

Everything will still be running when you get back and you may be pleasantly surprised to see you have made X number of sales and have earned some money! This is all possible because websites run 24/7 and do not need anybody to open and close the door or mind the store. In the case of affiliate marketing programs their website will process the transaction and even provide customer service to your customers. They will let you know how much money they owe you!

… but this ‘passive’ deal doesn’t sound like as much fun as being engaged in a business where you come home and can’t wait to login and see what is happening. Even though your business may have been set up and is running ‘passively’ for the most part, you still should stay on top of things. Don’t ignore it or the industry for that matter. You need to know what is going on in your individual business as well as your affiliate programs and Internet marketing in general.

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