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Would it Work for You to Have an Internet Home Business?

Before you implement anything online to start a business from home, there are some important issues to consider. There are just a few elements that you need, beyond a need for income. It is not the same as having a job in some respects, so you need to be prepared to create the foundation for your own business.

you can do it!

When you go to work at a job, there is structure already there. They will tell you what time to report, they will tell you what your duties are; your deadlines; what are the assigned times you are allowed for your breaks and lunch; and when you can go home for the day. You know pretty much what to expect each day, and how much money you will have earned at the end of each pay period. There is a definite plan with everything.

You have a foundation that has already been implemented for you. You are accountable to your manager and/or team to keep your side of the bargain. You just need to be trained and learn how to use everything that is already there. With any luck they will also provide training.

You may love your job and therefore excel at what you do; or the job may only be a means to an end. You do it for the money only – to survive. Either way, ‘you have to do what you have to do to get by’.

If you start a home business on the Internet, you have to have the discipline to do the work. You need the ability to stay motivated indefinitely even when you are not seeing any results yet. Technically you are not even being paid for the time you are spending. It can be like working unpaid-overtime when you are just starting up!

It can be very easy to be discouraged, unless you are able to keep a positive mindset about your goals, and remain absolutely determined. If you are not really focused, you may give up before you have given yourself a real chance to succeed. They say 95% fail at Internet marketing. Why? It’s because only 5% don’t quit. The same 5% that never quit and usually end up making a profit!

You have to have the ability to turn discouraging or negative thoughts or comments from others into determination. If you don’t it is possible you will cultivate an attitude of ‘why bother’ and stop trying. You can’t let that happen if you really want to have your dream of your own successful online business.

Keep learning and growing along with your business!


Home Business Blogger – Is Your Writing Emotional Enough?

There are a few beliefs about using ‘power words’ and ‘emotional writing’ for your blog, your emails and your other advertising. ‘They’ say that if you don’t grab somebody’s attention in the first few seconds you are likely to lose them altogether. Even if they do stay, if your writing is flat and they feel bored, they probably won’t stick around to finish reading your document.

emotional writing

For an example let’s compare text books with novels. Isn’t it the text books that you had to force yourself to read when you were in school? Did you really have to make an effort not to fall asleep or to zone out while you are reading (and not remember a thing you read)? The text book has its purpose and value for sure – to give the facts and statistics; but entertaining they are not. Novels on the other hand can be exciting and entertaining and hold your interest.

With business writing you want a happy medium. You do want to be seen as serious and knowledgeable – you do have your facts straight, and can communicate them clearly; but you want it to be more emotional and exciting so as to compel someone to want more information or to transact a sale outright.

In the case of an Internet home business it is actually a little more casual than a regular business, so you also want to convey that you are friendly and a potential ally. You have something in common with the people you are trying to reach. They can talk to you if they want to and you will try to help them to answer any questions or concerns they might have. You have similar concerns and may speak from your own experience or if very new, can quote either your mentor or coach or a public document with credit for the author.

There are various lists of ‘power words’ that professional bloggers and Internet marketing writers refer to and it makes it super easy to use those words that will make your document exciting and compelling rather than ho-hum and boring. An excellent resource is this site, and there are some good lists here although there are many more lists you may be able to find just by searching for them.


Besides being a resource with real value that you can use freely, this is also an example of how the site’s owner, Jon Morrow, really endears himself to people by giving freely of what information that he has. You will note he does not miss the opportunity to have a few lead capture portals such as free reports in exchange for your email address. He is also wise enough to monetize his site by having a page with his own products that are for sale.

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