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The Evolution of Blogging

The original acronym ‘Blog’ stood for ‘Web Log’ and ‘personal ‘ or ‘documentary ‘ style blogging would suffice to define that genre as they are primarily catalogues of the life experiences of their author. There are many blogs today however that serve other functions. Although there are quite a few ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ blogs that focus on collecting poetry and other forms of creative writing, the vast majority of personal blogs are in some sense documentaries.


What has evolved from a ‘documentary’ style, which usually would just mean an objective ‘reporting’ of current events or in some way an honest ‘review’, seems to be a definite movement towards using the blog platform to voice one’s opinions about the various life events that are no longer just ‘chronicled’. They can be scathing reviews! It seems the public loves drama and the more a writer can emphasize what he is saying whether positive or negative, it seems the more attention he will get – which is the whole idea!

There was a time when for Internet marketing, the blog was formatted or designed solely for the delight of search engine robots – oh and a vague nod to a few human readers. Although SEO (search engine optimization) has always preached ‘content is king’ and you have to assume they want readable and enjoyable for humans, the real focus seemed to be on the robots – the back-links, the keywords, various elements that only a robot could appreciate.

So marketing bloggers were instructed to pick meaningful keywords (relevant to their business and content) and build their articles/ blog posts around those themes. This it was/is said will make it easier for the search engines to index the site and know exactly what is there and which search terms would trigger them displaying your link to someone so that you might generate ‘targeted’ traffic. This still seems quite logical if you look at it that way. Particularly if your blog is apart from your business website you might want to stick with these concepts.

However if you had the insight to build your website on a blog platform like WordPress, then it doesn’t really matter what your blog post is about – people and robots are still going to be directed to your domain when you post ‘fresh content’ and it is re-indexing time. Hence there appears to be a trend going back to the documentary or personal journal style of blogging where people are talking about any number of interests that do not include their business. (remember this is ok if you are on the business’ website). Otherwise unless you are trying to grow a following as a writer, commentator or journalist, you probably want to stay focused on why you are blogging in the first place = TRAFFIC for your business.


Creating Valuable Content for your Home Business Blog

One of the most intelligent ways to promote your business website and/or your business opportunities, services and products, is using your blog. It’s intelligent because it is free; it’s intelligent because it is permanent advertising that will still be working for the life of your domain or blog address; intelligent because it can utilize the power of search engines if done correctly; and intelligent because it will bring you free, ‘targeted’ traffic, which is the most advantageous kind of traffic.

create value

One of the most long-standing precepts in Internet marketing is that ‘content is king’. It has a twin and that is ‘provide value’. Content as king would provide valuable information which may help others and attract people to your business. If you write or otherwise provide good, valuable content, you may begin to be regarded as an ‘expert’. Your valuable content is a good way to build relationships of trust. There is a belief that you may cause someone to feel subliminally that they owe you because your information has helped and inspired them. Ideally this could translate into their wanting to give you their business when they are ready to take action.

Pushing or selling is not really providing value unless it is done discreetly. It can actually have the opposite effect. If you just use the approach of providing valuable information, or to share your opinion initially, you should just be laying the groundwork or planting the seeds for a beneficial relationship. Let the person breathe a little and have some time to consider what you have given them.

Your home business blog will represent more value if you are mindful of these points. If your posts are nothing more than ‘spammy’ advertisements, that is just how they will be received, rather than as having any real ‘value’. They say ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it’. Of course it is fine to promote your business by pointing out the best features, or to discuss your success with it. It helps others to know what you are learning and gives them confidence to know you love your team, mentor or etc. (and why). All of these things encourage someone to follow you.

With the purpose of maximizing your potential to get traffic from the search engines, you should do some keyword research and find meaningful phrases that apply to your website content. You should use the keyword phrase in the title and a few times in the text – but do not over-do it (keyword spam).

Make a real attempt to be consistent in posting to your blog frequently – daily or weekly if possible. If your blog is at a different address than your website/domain, be sure to sign each post with your name and the URL of your business. Be sure to hyperlink the URL so that the person has a convenient and instant way to ‘click’ over to see what you have to offer there.

Your articles do not need to be expert or prize-winning writing, but you should make a reasonable attempt to check spelling and grammar. There are people who will judge you and your business ‘sense’ by the impression they get from your writing. At the same time with so many that have English as a second language, the rules are a little more understanding of ‘imperfect English’ these days.

Remember to always be honest. If you say that you ‘guarantee’ something then you must be willing and able to honor that promise. There are people who will hold you to it. You should never guarantee how much money someone will earn or by when. If they don’t earn that much money in that particular timeframe, you may be called upon to make good on your promise. Always be completely truthful in your claims.

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