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Finding More Things to Blog About

  • If you are an entrepreneur you probably know that #blogging is one of the primary ways to promote the links for your business for free, as well as to generate free, targeted traffic from the search engines. If you are someone without much money to work with then you really should be making good use of your #blog if nothing else. There is no way around it, if you want a business you need to promote it online. Sure you can do other free things that have little or no effect, like traffic exchanges, and a few other things that are a waste of time for the most part. For best results  spend the time to do it right in a professional way.
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  • If you are using your #blog consistently to write business articles, posting ghostwritten or PLR articles, or featuring articles by various authors, sometimes you might wonder what else you can do to create some variety. #Blogging about news stories is one of the most exciting and controversial applications that bloggers have discovered. Everyone is interested in the news or they should be. One thing that makes the blogosphere so active is the fact that it is possible to update a blog instantly as there are updates to the story – unlike a newspaper story.
  • Although currently this kind of real-time reporting seems to be in the #social #network world, #blogs are not going away anytime soon. There are a number of very famous, very much read professional blogs that focus on current events. The news on blogs tends to be more current than the newspaper that only gets published once per day. Besides, the fun part is being able to give your own opinion or react to various comments, etc. for all the world to see. (be careful about hate speech, etc ., though). As well, apart from the law, if your blog is usually used for your business then you don’t want to alienate anybody.
  • With that said there is no greater threat to freedom of speech than the chronically politically correct police who will find a reason to hate you for whatever you say that doesn’t agree with their agenda or bias. So you have to find a balance. ‘To thine own self be true’, but if you have super radical feelings then maybe you should have another blog that is not linked to your business where you can express yourself.
  • Of course with the advent of phone cameras your news blog can really be dramatic either if you are there yourself or you can use documents and images from the public domain. Again protect yourself from possible lawsuits by not using anything that is copyrighted. With a little creativity, with or without your opinion, you might really pick up some traffic and even followers. The best way to go is to quote directly and document the link you are quoting from to protect yourself as well as to give credence to what is being said.

Mobile Blogging is on the Cutting Edge

  • The mobile blogging platform is staged as an exciting phenomenon that is sweeping the blog industry today. One of the reasons why many bloggers are attracted to the medium of blogging in the first place, is that they enjoy being able to make frequent updates and posts that keep all of their visitors up to date with current situations. Mobile blogs, or “mob logs,” take this to the extreme by allowing users to post things literally as they happen. This new wave of mob logs and mob loggers is the means by which web surfers are kept up to date with good and bad events of importance while they are happening all over the world, helping to make international communication faster with more accuracy.
  • Many people feel that the limitations of blogging have a lot to do with geography. After all, how much so current that a blog can be when you need to run home and boot up in order to update it, so much could elapse within that space of time. However, mobile blogging marks the beginning of a thrilling new era when web-based communication can happen spontaneously from any location. Mob logging devices mean that there is almost nowhere on the planet that remains off-limits for bloggers. Mobile blogging is still in its infancy because the technology that makes it possible has only recently hit the global market. The first mob log technology became available over a decade ago, but it is only the past three or four years that mobile web devices have become user-friendly enough to appeal to most consumers.
  • As camera phones and other mobile technology become more popular, more and more bloggers are getting away from their desks and are hitting the streets.
  • Mob logging has become much more widespread than it has ever been a year ago, and bloggers are quickly attracting a lot of attention within the blogging community. It is not yet clear whether mob logs will become the dominant kinds of blogs in the near future, but the current trend seems to strongly indicate that mob logs are here to stay. Mobile devices make it possible to blog from the sites where current events are happening, which is one of the reasons why mobile blogging has so much thrilling potential to revolutionize the blog industry in a dominant way.
  • A mob logger with a camera phone can easily post blog entries from the immediate foot of the podium at a presidential speech today, or from the stands during the final moments of the World Series. This enables bloggers to experience the very same real time thrills that live television coverage provides, but in a more democratic medium. The combination of mobility and individual control that mob logging provides certainly places mob loggers on the cutting edge of today’s communications technology, and it is hard to imagine that the number and efficiency of mob logs will not continue to grow with time. You can Make Your Blogging Easy
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